• The Things We Talked About

    1. **Why Architects Should Read Murder Mysterie**s - The design of a manor house in Agatha Christie novels, where the structure of rooms is so important to figuring out the killer., appeals to the architect in Anisha and Snehanshu. Besides, Murder Mysteries are all about the detective figuring out hidden motivations, needs and restoring the right structure to society. They reveal the culture and the structure of societies. Keigo Hagashimo’s The newcomer for instance is such a wonderful portrayal of a quirky neighbourhood in Tokyo. Boris Akunin’s Erastin Fedora series the history and geography of Tsarist Russia.
    1. **The Inside Scoop on Satyajit Ray’s Library in Kolkata **- what is it like to sit inside the room Ray worked in. To spend a day or two , going through a trunkful of Ray's drawings, sitting surrounded by his books, his work table, everything still just so. The inside scoop from Snehanshu Mukherjee as he put together an exhibition of the great artist’s sketches.