2020 - The Best Books

The best books change the way you look at people & places. And answer questions like

What draws women to the ISIS regime ( the meticulously researched & beautifully written 'Guest House for Young Widows')

What repressive regimes can do to the human psyche (the gem of a novella Balzac & the Little Chinese Seamstress & the racy pacy memoir The Girl with 7 names at repressive regimes )

How extreme economic inequality can warp the world (physicist Hangfang's award winning short story Folding Beijing)

How human beings have a history of scientific discoveries gone wrong ( the very topical & fascinating Pandora's Box)

Why the tag of Difficult Women is a badge of honour .

How to become the President of the US - the nuts & bolts in beautifully wrought prose ( A Promised Land)

How to play with form & use a list to tell a story ( The Things They Carried )

How memory, cultural conflict & a sense of belonging create different versions of reality ( Ishiguro's brilliant When We Were Orphans)

Short stories, novellas, memoirs, novels & non fiction - these are my 2020 reads that have stayed most powerfully with me.